I am a theorist. The abstract captures my attention, and the details are where I find my serene place of “flow” that the psychologists are talking about these days. 

The gist

I believe it is important to always be questioning our thinking. For several reasons. First, how and what we think is influenced by many things – including the bad, ugly, and evil. There are too many examples in this world to deny this. Second, thoughts evolve through constant, everyday learning. So our critical eyes need to constantly evolve accordingly. Third, thinking has become a dominant mode of expressing, sharing, and communicating, despite there being many other valid and useful modes. We could benefit from engaging these other modes more.

My practice of questioning thinking takes many forms, such as…

  • writing about how to question thinking, or how thinking has been questioned by others
  • researching playfully so that I stumble upon new thoughts and expressions of thinking, and encouraging my readers to do the same
  • learning to see things in new ways from others
  • teaching others to see things in new ways
  • taking moments to not think


Areas I am currently playing in and with…

  • higher education
  • publicness
  • healing
  • space, place, & land
  • the “clash” between race & “post” philosophies

Technical stuff

I am in my sixth year of doctoral study in curriculum & instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My dissertation is evolving. See my blog for hurdles and successes.

I care deeply about remediating injustices, supporting healthy ecosystems, healing, and compassionate coexistence. Anyone wishing to toss around ideas for new collaborations or ventures is welcome to contact me.